Bloggers & Youtubers

Numerous current and former members have websites and are on social media defending and attacking the group. Many of these websites are out-of-date, terribly designed (e.g. 20 year old websites without updated security certificates), and present huge walls of text on Catholic theology.

Priests and insiders are on X and YouTube in order to gain members for the group and present misinformation on the group. The group relies on worldwide recruitment in order to recruit potential priests.


These sites & accounts are favorable to the group:

  • There are many X accounts of CMRI & sedevacantist defenders. There is overlap with the TradWife & right-wing politics (Trump, Ye, groypers, monarchists, Christian nationalists). This is a selection: @MSMParish, @WireCatholic, @AbbeDutertre, @FrOkerulu, @stephen_lefort, @IAltare, @RevMcKenna, @ZoeKing_1958, @MrsCasey6, @WaroftheRosary, @groypergreen07, @Monarchi1Modern, @FrCarlosBorja, @FrLavery
  • Catholic Family Podcast—(YouTube) run by the Davis family (Fr. Philip was listed as CMRI priest at City of Mary until Aug/Sept 2022). One of the top CMRI contemporary propaganda outlets.
  • Novus Ordo Watch—(Mario Derksen). Massive CMRI propaganda outlet. Walls of text published daily with an incredible amount of cherry picking & misinformation. His website is an echo chamber.
  • Catholic Wire—curated and organized by Fr. Carlos Zepeda, who I believe is currently the pastor of the Our Lady of the Snow chapel in Denver, CO. The Catholic Wire and the Catholic Family podcast often promote each other, but the two have no official affiliation.
  • Daily Catholic— the original couple who ran the site are dead and another woman took over.
  • Blog—Dr. Peter Chojnowski. He teaches at ICA in Post Falls (SSPX), but attends CMRI chapels in Rathdrum & Coeur d'Alene. He also operates Sister Lucy Truth.
  • Traditional Catholic Sermons—(run by CMRI member)
  • Catholic Endtime Truths—(Joseph B. D. Saraceno)
  • Griff Ruby—(website looks especially terrible)
  • John S. Daly— Traditional Catholic writer.
  • Christ or Chaos—Thomas A. Droleskey, Ph.D. Another Traditionalist Catholic writer, seems to have bounced between groups, and operates independently, publishing his blog & books.
  • Catholic Research Institute—Based near Spokane, WA, they are very similar to CMRI, but they claim no affiliation to CMRI. There is overlap with Patrick Henry Omlor.
  • Traditio—(San Francisco, independent chapel). Their bishop is secretive, likely part of an Old Catholic line of independent bishops.
  • Tradition in Action—(Marian Horvat). She's not a sedevacantist, but the group does like her publications on devotions and modesty, so they promote her books with reservation. The group originated with Dr. Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira, who founded Tradition, Family and Property (TFP) (link) in 1960 in Brazil. This is a Traditionalist Catholic political group. Some of the members of TIA did have past links with TFP. Mr. Atila S. Guimarães was an associate of the Brazilian TFP from 1964 until 1998 when he was excluded from the board of the organization. Dr. Marian T. Horvat also collaborated in many ways with American TFP from 1977 until approximately the same time.
  • Main CMRI page


Numerous former members and outsiders have written critically of the group.

  • True Restoration—(Stephen Heiner). I don't trust him, he seems connected to high power sources, definitely a sketchy character who is out for power & money.
  • Patrick Henry—(website looks especially terrible). Mentally disturbed elderly loner. I suspect a severe mental illness. Incredible amounts of ranting and enormous PDFs on Catholic theology. I don't recommend digging into his writings.
  • Betrayed Catholics—("home aloner" Teresa Stanfill Benns). She's got a huge ego and publishes huge amounts & has made herself a source of theology. She's been causing problems for decades, such as her participation in electing "Pope Michael."
  • Richard Ibranyi—(claims to be sole authority on earth). Richard is delusional and an egomanic with a messiah complex and likely severe mental illness. I wouldn't recommend looking at his writings.
  • Most Holy Family Monastery—(Dimond Brothers). They're influencers with a Catholic empire based on being contrarians. It's largely a conspiracy site, with the point to live off of donations and book sales. They're a cancer.
  • Thomas Boyle—(good link to Thuc lines, very old website)
  • Francie Urban Radecki—(daughter of Alvina Urban). Some useful nuggets, but the blog has a lot of filler few will care about. She seems loopy with a big ego, likely from the trauma suffering during her years with the TLRC and CMRI.
  • David O'Neil—(son of Pauline (Urban) O'Neil, grandson of Alvina Urban). He publishes on widely discredited theories of connections between astronomy & the Hebrew Bible.
  • Pope Michael—(David Bawden, deceased). A simpleton and wildly confused person who thought he was the pope living in his mother's basement. A pathetic case, comes across as a country bumpkin.
  • Lucian Pulvermacher—(Pope Pius XIII, deceased). He is the brother of SSPX co-founder (the US branch) and pedophile, Carl Pulvermacher. (link)
  • Sedevacantist Delusion—SSPX & Eastern Orthodox critics.
  • Not bloggers, but Servants of the Holy Family—another Traditionalist group in Colorado Spring, CO. This city is one of the global hubs of Traditionalist religion.