Traditionalist Catholicism


Why I created this site

The SSPX claims to be part of the remnant church, giving access to true priests and sacraments. In reality, they're presenting a highly selective version of church history and theology in order to further their own ambitions. This site exists to discuss their deception & give a more complete picture of the SSPX. They remain unaccountable to outsiders in order to stop anyone from questioning their motives, history, crimes, and wealth.

What I want you to know

  • Child sexual abuse was covered up by Pope Pius XII, Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, Bishop Williamson, and Bishop Fellay.
  • The SSPX have always harbored & continue to harbor religious & laity who have sexually abused children & adults. At least 33 SSPX associated members have been reported for sexual abuse or grooming.
  • Traditionalist Catholicism attracts a high number of men with personality disorders (NIMH page). Most of the abuse happens within marriages and is hidden behind closed doors. The priests enable this abuse by using concepts such as, "husband is head of the household", "marital debt", and "daily duties."
  • The SSPX has always groomed & targeted women suffering from childhood trauma and abuse. These women have been convinced to bring their children to the group "to save their souls." Many of the women in the group continue to suffer from the trauma caused by their parents & husbands.
  • The SSPX should be considered as a trauma and abuse cult at the core. The level of sexual and physical assault within the group has been extremely high. Most of the abuse (physical, sexual, financial, spiritual, psychological) is happening in homes where men with personality disorders have absolute control over their wives & children.
  • SSPX priests sometimes operate independently or join with other bishops (e.g. going from SSPX to Resistance to Independent), often as a pretense for power, money, or to molest children (e.g. Fr. Carlos Urrutigoity & Fr. Eric Ensey).
  • Traditionalist Catholicism can only be understood in context with anti-Communism of the 1940s and 1950s, the John Birch Society publications of the 1960s, & propaganda of the cult of Fatima in the 1950s and 1960s.
  • Some ex-members are equally responsible for sexual abuse cover-up & crimes.
  • The SSPX is built on a bad foundation and cannot be reformed.

How They Operate

  • The SSPX uses phrases such as "due to the situation in the church" or "perfection is impossible" or "the salvation of souls is the supreme law of the church" as catch-alls in order to avoid transparency, disclosure, change, or compromise.
  • Rather than being appointed or elected, SSPX clergy appoint themselves and hand pick their successors. There is no outside influence on their power.
  • The SSPX attracts converts by overwhelming them with external appearances and what seems to be well-trained priests. The costume, ceremonies, and books are a way to convince gullible & desperate people to join.


  • Traditionalist Catholicism is based on an intentionally selective reading of history in order to create a church that fits their political & religious preferences.
  • Recent scholarship of the last 30 years has undermined much of Christianity in general (e.g. forgeries, 4th century imperial connections, powers of the clergy, oppression of women/heretics/natives), and many Christians refuse to come to terms with the implications of this scholarship.

Abuse Claims

The SSPX have been accused of covering up sexual abuse for decades. Sexual abuse and cover-up have been part of the foundation of the group since the beginning.


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